11 de agosto de 2009

Life on DeviantArt!

When there are issues around copy and inspiration without credits and they’re not directly with me, I prefer not to involve myself. I also don’t agree with the extreme rude comments attacking the person who copied. But I also think that we need to show our disagreement with this kind of situations.

What happened to me today was that I saw this picture , (just the link because it’s against rules to show pictures in blogs) Pretty, isn’t it?
Well, it would be pretty if it wasn’t too similar with this one uploaded on my gallery just a few days ago.

I hate “drama shows” so instead of commenting on her picture I decided to send her a private note saying that when we are inspired by someone, we should credit that person for the inspiration. She said it was “very cool” that we had equal necklaces and that she had never seen my picture before. I answered that if we have the same necklace it only means we have both very good taste, but it was difficult to believe that she had never seen my picture. It’s too much coincidence don’t you think?

The conversation could have ended here. I told her my opinion; she didn’t wanted to give me credits; The end.
But no. Sometimes people need to be disrespectful just for the fun of it.
So, this person told me that it was true and I just believe in it if I want. Then, she asked me if I thought that it was genius and original to just strap a necklace around my neck and take pictures. (Wasn’t it what she done too?). Maybe it isn’t original, but it was my work, my idea, my concept. It has a special meaning for me. If it is a so mediocre idea, why did she take a picture like that? Makes no sense to me.

Then I just told her that this picture had a really inferior quality comparing with the rest of her gallery. She got offended. But it’s the truth; I think that everybody that visit her gallery can see that this picture is one of the worst she has there. It wasn’t even to offend her. In fact, I do believe she has really good pictures. And this one it's clearly not one of those.

“I'm definitely not calling myself original for that one and I wouldn't be surprised if 100 other people had the idea of doing the same. It's not strange at all.
By the way, I don't know if you noticed, but there are minor details that are very different in the two photos, so they are not "exactly equal". The composition, the cropping, the angle, and the tones are all different.
And, out of all the stunning artists on this site, what makes you think I'm going to come to your gallery and copy a mediocre photo?
Now, please stop being silly, shut up, and stop messaging me with petty nonsense. =)”

It’s really good to see that she is so immature and disrespectful. I never said that she had copy me, I only said that she had been inspired by my picture and it wouldn’t hurt her to give me credits for it. If she didn’t want it, fine. It’s up with her.
Now, come on: “stop being silly” “shut up” “mediocre photo” why she has to be so childish? There is no respect around here anymore.

Then, she blocked me...

What do you think about this?

2 comentários:

  1. there is no worth in trying to change people. there will always be someone driving his car just to go 2Km away. there will always be someone with the 'perfect life and mentality' that don't give a shit about the others. I gave up a long time ago.
    i think it was a coincidence and maybe she copied your deviation but anyway i don't see how you (we) could make something to avoid those people. You just have to focus on making new great works and soon enough you'll be rewarded for your hard effort.

  2. A miuda deve ser parva ....
    Tem fotos lindissimas na galeria (concordo contigo, aquelas do colar pareciam qe tinham uma qualidade menor comparando com as outras na galeria)

    Ela nao deve gostar de criticas
    Nao a censuro, é humano ... mas ao contrario da vida real, quando se está num pc a tecla "back space", pa corrigir o qe se quer realmente dizer
    De modo algum! ela teve razões pa começar com desrespeitos de qualquer tipo
    Como eu odeio isso!!...


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